Gymnastics Direct Debit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Gymnastics Direct Debit?

Direct debit payments allow all bookings to be perpetual, easing the enrolment process and upfront financial burdens of Gymnastics Members.

What are the benefits of Direct Debit?

All Gymnastics Students will be enrolled on a perpetual basis. Student’s enrolment can only be ceased with the completion of a Cancellation Form located on the website. This will mean that term enrolments and upfront payment will not longer be required. Direct Debit will allow two lesson payments to be debited from the Bank Account or Credit Card of your choice on a fortnightly basis.

How do I cease my Gymnastics enrolment and stop my Direct Debit payments?

Cancellation is simple. A Cancellation Form will be available on the Quaycentre website . Simply submit the form online and you will receive a confirmation.

How does it work?

Once you have completed and returned the Direct Debit Agreement, you will be required to pay your annual registration / membership fee and the first one or two lessons before your first debit. Then your nominated account or credit card will be debited on a fortnightly basis. Lessons will run all year round (through the school holidays)

Can I choose my debit date?

No. Quaycentre have created a Direct Debit calendar to assist members identify debit dates.

What happens if my debit is rejected?

Currently Quaycentre does not charge rejection fees however rejection fees may be introduced for certain declined transactions. You will be notified by either SMS or email and the outstanding payment can be paid online or on your next visit to the Centre.

Is there a service charge on credit cards?

No. Quaycentre does not have service charges attached to the fortnightly fee payment. Direct Debit can be set up through a nominated Bank Account OR a MasterCard or Visa Card. We do not accept American Express.

What if I don't want to sign up to Direct Debit?

Direct Debit will be compulsory for all Gymnastics members.