Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre - Gymnastics Club - Photography by Paul K Robbins

Gymnastics Club

The Club is an affiliated member of Gymnastics NSW under the Gymnastics Australia banner

We support Gymnastics Australia by registering all members, coaches and judges. In turn Gymnastics Australia provides us with a number of services including member insurance, competitions and educational resources.
We conduct recreational and competitive gymnastics programs for boys and girls.

Sports Centre - Gymnastics - Competitive


After progressing from the recreational Stepping Stone Award system, children may choose to move onto Competitive Gymnastics.

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Our program teaches children movement skills an develops overall coordination, participating in free play as well as structured activities.

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Sports Centre - Gymnastics - Kids


Promoting good health by improving strength, flexibility and fitness. Kids will tumble, balance, swing and jump in a fun and safe environment.

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Young Female Teenager doing move on gymnastics balance beam


It is a new and rapidly developing activity that encourages participants to use traditional gymnastic equipment in new ways. It draws on influences from martial arts, free running, parkour, tricking and breakdance.

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