Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre - Gymnastics Club - Competitive - Photography by Paul K Robbins - 2014


Gymnastics for those wishing to compete 

After progressing through the recreational Stepping Stone award system, children may choose to move into the competitive levels stream.

Levels gymnasts can compete in club competitions at the end of each term and are eligible for selection to compete in regional competitions.

The program includes strength and flexibility exercises, new skills and routine learning and practice. In competitions each gymnast is required to perform a routine on vault, bars, beam and floor. It’s only as competitive as the child wishes to make it. Our focus is on providing a happy and stimulating environment allowing each child to reach their maximum potential. 

Development Program

An introduction into competitive gymnastics this class is 2 hours twice a week. Gymnasts focus on skill development, stretching, strength, dance and competition preparation. From this class gymnasts are selected to go into our levels or gym fun programs.

Levels 1-10 Program

Gymnasts move onto Levels following the Development Program. They will train more often with a commitment to the sport, attaining skills safely and compete effectively.

GymFun Program

Gymnasts attending this 2 hour class once a week, have completed our development program or have been attending the levels program. They will concentrate on complex skills, but don't have the desire to compete or cannot commit to the levels program.

GymSkills Programs


GymSkills class is part of our development program; the program covers the fundamental skills of each of our competitive programs. The components covered are TeamGym, GymFun, WAG Development, FreeG and competitive levels.

Students are chosen from our recreation program after they reach step five to move into the GymSkills class. Once students show a talent or interest in one of our programs they are learning, they will then be offered a place in the competitive program to further extend their skills.


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