Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre - Gymnastics Club - Enrolment - Photography by Paul K Robbins - 2014


Gymnastics – Vault News

July 2022

Upcoming inhouse events

Recreation grading day times for the 17 July 2022. 

Grading day times will be emailed out to parents on Monday 11 July 2022. 

Inhouse competition for TeamGym, Development and Gymfun.

Times will be emailed out to parents on Monday 4 July 2022

Installation of New Trampoline and Vaults

I am sure you will have seen the new Trampoline installed in the gymnastics hall. We also had two new Vaults installed and looking very bright in yellow and red on the blue flooring. Have a look at some of the set up that was required for the install.


 upgraded trampoline at Quaycentre - new frame being put in  upgraded trampoline at Quaycentre - new frame
 upgraded trampoline at Quaycentre - new spring material going in  New upgraded trampoline at Quaycentre
 upgraded trampoline at Quaycentre - new vaults

Kindergym Information For Parents

Kindergym Parent’s Role in the gym

To encourage and challenge your child. Some children may be reluctant to join in at first, if so encourage them but let them set their own pace.
Parents are to always keep their child at arm's length, for their child’s safety.

At the conclusion of the rocket ship song and or stickers, we ask that your child puts their shoes and socks on and families leave the gymnastics centre and do not enter back onto the equipment.

Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics - Rules at Kindergym 

  • No participants may enter the gymnastics centre without a coach being present.
  • If your child is sick please keep them at home.
  • Children must be supervised by their carer at all times, Kindergym students should be kept at arm’s length. 
  • For safety reasons siblings must remain seated at the front of the gymnastics centre or by their parents side at all times and not go onto the equipment.
  • All participants must leave the Gymnastics Centre on completion of their class time.
  • No food in gym – water bottle permitted.
  • Only one child allowed on the trampoline at a time. Please do not jump on the trampoline with your child, this can cause a student to be double bounced and can lead to injury of the student.
  • Only jump into the pit feet first.
  • Do not pull your child from the pit by their arms.
  • Be aware that the gym has many uneven surfaces, so please watch your footing at all times.
  • Please leave circuit equipment where it is placed by the coaches so all participants may benefit by the activity.
  • Please check with the coaches before videoing or photographing your child in the gym, in accordance with the Child Protection Act.
  • No somersaults at any time. 
  • Remove all jewellery and hairpins. For safety, long hair needs to be tied up.
  • No mats to be taken from under the equipment.
  • Parents/carers please supervise children in your care at all times while they are in the centre.
  • Parents/carers are not permitted to jump on the trampoline or swing on the bars or rope. If you are interested in adult gymnastics, the coaches can give you information.
  • The Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre is committed to protecting the environment. Please make sure any rubbish is placed in bins in and around the centre.


Kindergym – Theme weeks

 View theme week timetable here