Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre - Gymnastics Club - Enrolment - Photography by Paul K Robbins - 2014


Gymnastics NSW Awards

Earlier this year the Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club coaching team attended the Gymnastics NSW awards night and where recognised in various categories.

Our MAG gymnast Jack Hall achieved the NSW Junior Athlete of the year award and was recognised for representing Australia at international competitions. The Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club also received the elusive 1000+ member’s award.

Dropping Off and Collecting Gymnasts

We wish to remind you to always park in P7 past the boom gate, parking in any spaces prior to this is strictly Netball Central designated area and may result in fines from rangers who frequently monitor this area. To avoid an undesirable outcome please ensure to bring your parking pass each week. Also, please note, Olympic Boulevard has a 40km/hr limit and police patrol this area so to avoid a hefty speeding fine, please drive slow.

Parent/Coach Interviews

Our Term 1 Parent/Coach Interview will be held from Weeks 9 to 11. We hope you find these interviews beneficial for understanding how your child is progressing and answering any other class queries. If you have any administrative or club management questions please contact Amber via email for assistance.

Our Kindergym Program

Kindergym is part of the Gymnastics Australia’s national curriculum, for children aged between 1.5 years to 5 years.

It combines free play with structured activities. The Gymnastics Centre is a fun space with foam pits, trampolines, bars, beams and purpose built Kindergym equipment. Kindergym is aimed to make learning fun, while teaching the concepts of movement and enhancing hand eye coordination in a safe and caring environment.

Classes are themed each week and our Kindergym kids and parents are welcome to get dressed up to join in the fun.

Siblings who come along and are not enrolled will be required to watch the class from the front of the gymnastics centre.

Our Recreational Classes

Catering for kids from 5 -12 years our 1 hour structured program covers the basics of introductory gymnastics The sessions promote good health through improving strength, flexibility and fitness. Children will participate in activities such as tumbling, balancing, swinging and jumping in a fun and safe environment. Those who are beginners will participate in the Stepping Stone Award Scheme, working through six progressions leading to the National Levels Scheme. Grading’s are held at the end of each term and children are presented with certificates.