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Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre - Gymnastics Club - Enrolment - Photography by Paul K Robbins - 2014


Gymnastics – Vault News

December 2021

Goodbye and good luck to our gym coaches

 Photo of Gymnastics Coach Louise and  Isabella  Photo of Gymnastics Coach Catherine and Isabella  Photo of Gymnastics Coach Milly  Photo of Gymnastics Coach Kitty
Louise and Isabella on the Vault, coaching Team Gym   Catherine and Isabella, proud coaches after a regional competition  Milly Kitty 


Kitty has kindly written about her Journey here at Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club
I started gymnastics when one of my friend’s mothers mentioned something to my mother about a gymnastics program that their child was attending at Sydney Olympic Park.  The story goes, that we were driving around Sydney Olympic Park and Mum pointed out that we had the option of Tennis or Gymnastics.  Louise (my sister) and I decided in that drive to try gymnastics and that’s how we enrolled about 20 years ago as sprightly 5 and 6 year olds.  

I progressed through the stepping stone program of the time and later moved through the levels program where we had some amazing coaches Anne, Michelle, Zoe and Amber.  Throughout the years I had an incredible group of training friends that I am still friends with today.  I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t the most dedicated gymnast during my time, between my teammates and me, we did everything we could do to get out of strength, and chat between turns on an apparatus. This is why I know all the cheats that my kids try on me during strength today.  I did gymnastics as a social sport which I loved more than any of the other sports I did.

During my HSC year I completed my Beginners Coaching course closely followed by the Intermediate coaching course therefore, by luck, by the time I completed my last HSC exam I walked onto the floor as a coach instead of a gymnast.  One memorable afternoon included coaching my own training group – you could imagine how many shenanigans ensued during that three and a half hour session.  

Throughout the years I’ve had heaps of fun exploring the different areas of gymnastics, from teaching our tiny Kindergym gymnasts, being part of the recreational stepping stone program, working with our development teams, coaching in the WAG program, coaching within the Team Gym program and supporting the Acro program with my judging.  A couple highlights have been when I joined the Sydney Olympic Park Coaching Team to take a team to compete at Nationals in QLD and feeling the immense pride watching our gymnasts compete.

I love seeing a gymnast attain a new skill they have been working on, to see a gymnast move through all the different steps and sometimes skills can take a long time to achieve. When they finally achieve that skill they have been working on, seeing the excitement in their face is something I love to witness it makes the tough times easier and the good times better. 
In the past 8 years there are students that I have taught since the beginning of my employment here at SOP and I have seen them grow from babies through to marvellous children.

I have seen many students that I’ve coached or trained with transition into coaches and have enjoyed working a long side them. 
 Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club has been a fixture for almost my entire life and I’m very grateful for all the support, laughter and memories this place has provided me.
Thank you to all the athletes, families, reception, supervisors, upstairs management and of course all the incredible coaches for being so awesome from the moment I began here as a little gymnast to now as a fully grown coach. 

Recruiting Gymnastics Coaches

We are currently recruiting new coaches if any of our students 16 and over or parents would like to know how to become a judge or coach please read the information below.

To become a qualified gymnastics coach you can start the Beginners Coaching course after 14 years of age.  At Sydney Olympic Park we employ coaches with a minimum of the completed Beginners coaching accreditation.  
To gain a coaching accreditation here is an overview below.  

  1. Create account with Gymnastics Australia
  2. Buy the online Beginners Coaching course for approximately $110
  3. Complete the online Beginners Coaching course
  4. Or check out a face to face course via Gymnastics NSW education calendar here 
  5. Buy Face to Face Beginners course on “Flex (LMS)” for approximately $145
  6. Attend and pass face to face course

Judges Wanted

To become a qualified gymnastics judge you can start the Beginners Judging course after 14 years of age.  At Sydney Olympic Park we employ judges with a minimum of the completed Beginners judging accreditation.  Unlike with the coaching course, a beginners judging course is specific to the each of the gymnastics disciplines that Gymnastics Australia supports.  The many different disciplines of gymnastics are:

  • Acrobatics
  • Aerobics
  • Men’s Artistic 
  • Rhythmic
  • Trampolining
  • Women’s Artistic

At Sydney Olympic Park, our two competition streams are WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) and Team Gym (GFA – Gymnastics for All/Acrobatics in regards to judging) if you wish to learn more about the technicalities of performing skills and putting together a routine this is the course for you.  

To get the Judging accreditation there is an overview below.  

  1. Create account with Gymnastics Australia
  2. Complete the recommended “Online Officiating Course” with the Australian Sports Commission 
  3. Look at Gymnastics NSW Judging education calendar here and see when a Face to Face Beginners course is in your chosen discipline.  
  4. Buy Face to Face Beginners course on “Flex (LMS)” for approximately $55.00
  5. Pre-course learning to familiarise yourself with the skills and routines within the Beginners Guideline by obtaining a copy of the WAG or ACRO manual.  
  6. Also familiarise yourself you the Judging Education Framework and Accreditation Policy.  
  7. Attend and pass the assessment within the face to face course

Changes to leotards

After the recent Olympics it was decided by Gymnetics Australia that leg covering for competitions are now allowed. We have made changes to our leotards to suit the new ruling, we have added two types of unitards to our uniform

Students can now choose between three leotards to wear from 2022.


Gymnastics New Uniforms December 2021

To be eligible to represent Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club all students in our competitive programs must have the following uniforms

Club tracksuit– available from reception

  • Tracksuit pants, tracksuit Jacket, drink bottle and back pack
  • The polo is optional.
  • The tracksuit is to be worn with white socks and clean sneakers

All students are required to purchase the training leotard and all students who attend a competitive class are required to purchase a competition leotard. Our leotards are on the Sylvia P website for purchase. 

Some Key Points to remember for Ordering Windows


  • Team Shops will remain closed until Ordering Window opening date.
  • 2022 dates are to be confirmed.

All orders placed within the ordering window will go into production together when the ordering window closes.

  • Production time is usually 6-8 weeks
  • Current dispatch date can always be found in the top left here - Please add on the amount of time your ordering window is open. 
  •  We are still experiencing Australia Post delays. Despite the fact we always ship Team Wear express allow up to 10 days.
  • We are unable to rush orders placed in an ordering window. 

To purchase a Sydney  Olympic Park leotard please go to then click “team  shop” and enter the information below to order. Username and password are both case sensitive.

Team Username: Sydney Olympic Park
Team Password: U3lkbmV5

Gymnastics Club Uniforms

Gymnastics Club Uniforms

Message from the Head Coach

Gymnastics is a difficult and complex sport.  We train regularly in our sport and as students’ progress so do their hours in the gymnastics centre.  This is because gymnasts need to develop the strength and flexibility to be able to do skills and preform them without risk of injury.

Each time we take a break in gymnastics we spend weeks redeveloping key body shapes, strength, conditioning and techniques.  This happens at the lowest and highest level in every gymnastics club.  For example after an Olympics, gymnasts will return to their gyms after a short break and do 8 weeks of basics.  This includes just walking on beams, swinging on bars, handstands on floor, strength, condition and flexibility work.  They don’t come back into the gym performing complicated skills, as the basic core skills are the key to every skill we perform.

For example, there is a shape of a handstand in nearly every skill we do, so to do skills correctly we need to be able to hold a static handstand in the correct shape and for a minute. By achieving this one simple skill allows us to be able to perform most skills with correct technique, with the strength required and skills can be performed with safety.

We are no different.  Lockdown has taken its toll on all gymnastics clubs in NSW and we have found that any progression made over the last two years with our students has been a challenge to the coach and gymnast.
Each time we have returned we need to re-develop our students.  Students become tired quickly within the first few months of returning as there endurance levels are not at the same level they were before lockdowns.  Some students may feel their class is too easy (or too hard) or they don’t feel like they are progressing enough.  At this stage, it is completely normal to be feeling any of these emotions. 

We ask that you please encourage your child to stick with the process, this won’t last and within a few more weeks our gymnasts should be close to where they were before in endurance, flexibility and strength.  Once we reach our goals in endurance, strength and conditioning, the skills will come and training will be as challenging as it was before, then you will see a progression of skills.

We all just need to be a little patient.

Core values

While we were all in lockdown, the coaches and I have been busy developing Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club - VISION, MISSION AND CORE VALUES 
These were written as a reflection of what we already do in our program but wanted to now promote these to you and encourage all of our students to also adopt these in their training. 

Moving  forward, all awards will be given to those students who display these core values.

Be kind, dare to aim high and deliver exceptional inclusive programs to our members and the community. Collaborating in creative ways to deliver a service that will have a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of others.

To grow and develop our program together. Helping students achieve their desired goals. While providing a fun, valuable experience.

Core Value’s

  • Kind - Create a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages everyone to achieve their best.
  • Daring - Dare to challenge yourself and be challenged.  Set goals that require bravery and strength and understand the power of failure and the rewards of success.
  • Inclusive - Be part of a community that is accepting of everyone and understand that diversity and equality is key to a successful team.
  • Collaborative - Valuing each other’s strengths and opinions. Listening and supporting each other to achieve our goals.
  • Creativity - Explore your passion.  Use your knowledge and skills to inspire others to achieve and promote enjoyment


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