Commonwealth Games medals, netball dress and example of information available at the exhibition

Champions of the Commonwealth Games Exhibition

To celebrate the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, this exhibition highlights our outstanding of Hall Champions athletes who have competed at past Commonwealth Games. 

NSW Hall of Champions honourees have competed at every Commonwealth Games since the first in Hamilton, 1930 to the 2014 Games in Glasgow. Eighty-five honourees have won 181 gold, 77 silver and 36 bronze medals for Australia.  

Iconic athletes such as Dawn Fraser, Betty Cuthbert, Ian Thorpe and Matthew Mitcham have showcased Australia’s talent on the world stage.

We celebrate all their achievements against the dynamic backdrop of the Commonwealth Games, and look forward to seeing the athletes of today become Hall of Champions honourees of the future.

The exhibition includes the first and only Commonwealth Games water polo gold medal, won by Australia in 1950. Also on display is Nicole Cusack’s 1998 Kuala Lumpur Netball uniform where Australia won gold, and shoes worn by Jana Pittman at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, where she won gold in the 400m hurdles and 4x100m relay.