Competitive Squads

Terms and conditions

The following T&Cs apply to this application and your acceptance for enrolment in the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre ("Centre") Aquatic Programs ("Aquatic Programs"). The T&Cs will apply until further notice. Any changes to the T&Cs will be notified in writing on the Centre website.

1. Privacy Policy

The Aquatic Centre (“Centre”) is a division of Sydney Olympic Park Authority ("we, our, us"), which is a NSW Government agency that sits within the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

We are committed to the protection of member’s privacy and personal information. Your privacy is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Personal information may only be disclosed in accordance with the exemptions provided under the Act.

We will only use the personal details you voluntarily provide us for administration purposes related to the facility or service for which it is being completed and when we communicate information to you regarding any of the Centre’s facilities, programs, services or promotions that are deemed appropriate to your interests and needs and which may enhance your use of the Centre.

Any personal information that you voluntarily provide to the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (5 Olympic Boulevard, NSW 2127) will be held in a data base shared with the Office of Sport and Venues NSW. You have the right to access and correct the information.

We will not make your personal information available to any third party except for the Office of Sport and Venues NSW unless it is necessary as part of the provision of this product or service.

Full details of the Privacy Policy can be found on the Website.

2. Payment of Fees and Direct Debit

a. All new bookings/enrolments are made by Direct Debit only. Direct debit can be made from a bank account or credit card, and will occur monthly. Payments are made 4 weeks in advance. The first class(s) of the enrolment are required to be paid in advance at the time of the enrolment; this pro rata is based on the next Direct Debit payment. If a scheduled payment day call on a public holiday, we will debit your account on the next business day. Depending on your bank, payments may take up to 5 business days to be processed. Upon completing the Direct Debit Agreement Form the member is agreeing to pay the instalment amount at the agreed payment frequency until the squad membership is formally suspended or cancelled.

​b. SOPAC Aquatic Programs may increase the fees associated with the activities offered at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. SOPAC Aquatic Programs will make every reasonable effort to notify members about any fee increase. Completion of the Direct Debit Agreement Form authorises SOPAC Aquatic Programs to increase any debited amount from the nominal account or credit card inline with the lesson fees. By completing and signing the Direct Debit Agreement Form the member is agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.

​c. All information relating to members financial institutions remains confidential, except where required for the purposes of conducting Direct Debit with the financial institution, or in connection with a claim made to SOPAC Aquatic Programs regarding an alleged incorrect debit.

​d. The member is responsible for:

i. Ensuring the nominal account is set up to accept Direct Debit. Please check with the financial institution where the account is held.

​ii. Ensure there is enough money in the nominated account on the Direct Debit due date and up to 5 business days following. Please note there may be a delay in the processing of Direct Debit if there is a public holiday on the scheduled date of Direct Debit. The Direct Debit calendar can be located at the Swim School Office or through the Aquatic Centre website.

​iii. If the nominal account does not allow a payment, such as where the account does not have enough money in it or you are over your credit limit, SOPAC Aquatic Programs will require you to make a manual payment online or at the Centre on your next visit.​

3. Cancellation Policy

All enrolments are perpetual (ongoing) and the direct debit payments will continue until a cancellation form is submitted by the responsible person. Four (4) weeks notice is required to cease enrolment and the direct debit agreement. A Direct Debit Cancellation Form must be completed and submitted online. Direct Debit Cancellation Forms care available on the Aquatic Centre website.

Credits or Refunds will not be granted for missed lessons prior to written notification. Cancellations will not be processed until any outstanding amounts owing are paid in full.

Withdrawal due to medical reasons will be actioned as soon as a Direct Debit Cancellation Form is submitted online, along with a copy of a medical certificate.

4. Lesson Suspension Policy

“Suspension” –  two or more weeks

SOPAC Aquatic Programs members can suspend classes if two (2) or more consecutive weeks missed.

Medical related suspensions are required to be submitted within a week of the absence and must be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documentation. 

Non medical related suspensions (such as holidays or work commitments) can only be applied for once in a calendar year and must be submitted prior to the absence from lessons. 

Suspensions over four (4) weeks will constitute as a cancellation and will not be suspended for the extra period of time. SOPAC Aquatic Programs requires written notification via the Lesson Suspension Form available through the Aquatic Centre website.

A suspension fee, half the lessons fee, will be applied per student per lesson. In the case of a medical related suspension, this fee will be waived with the supporting medical documentation.

Ongoing illness or injury lasting over four (4) weeks will be processed as a cancellation (see Cancellation Policy no. 4).

5. Missed Lesson Policy

To minimise lesson disruption, SOPAC Aquatic Programs does not offer make up lessons.

Where members experience clashes with other activities or holidays SOPAC Aquatic Programs encourages the suspension of lessons (see Lesson Suspension Policy no. 4). SOPAC Aquatic Programs members can suspend classes if two (2) or more consecutive weeks missed. Ongoing illness or injury lasting over four 4 weeks will be processed as a cancellation see Cancellation Policy no. 3. Medical related suspensions (see Lesson Suspension Policy no. 4). Missed lessons due to illness or injury will not be refunded (only credited to your swim school account T&C apply).

6. Change of Details

SOPAC Aquatic Programs will use email as the primary channel of communication. It is the member’s responsibility to keep Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Aquatic Programs informed of any changes of contact, bank accounts or credit card details. Change of bank/credit card details can be done by completing a new Direct Debit Agreement.

7. Lesson Transfers

All members enrolled within the SOPAC Aquatic Programs program acknowledge that classes are non transferable to other students. Any attempt to transfer to another person without the knowledge of SOPAC Aquatic Programs may result in the termination of enrolment within the SOPAC Aquatic Programs, without refund, and members may not be permitted to attend any other program within the Aquatic Centre.

8. Changes to Bookings

Every effort will be made to adhere to the timetable, however Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre reserves the right to consolidate classes, alter timetables, event schedules and change teachers to suit seasonal and usage requirements as necessary. We will endeavour to inform members of any timetable changes 2 weeks in advance, whenever possible.

9. Aquatic Programs Closures

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Aquatic Programs is closed for all Public Holiday’s. As such, Member’s are not charged for these dates as lessons do not operate. Further information can be found on the Swim School calendar, located on the Aquatic Centre website.

In the event of an unforseen incident which could affect the health and safety of our Member’s we reserve the right to close the pool. Where possible the Aquatic Programs will attempt to contact all affected swimmers via email or SMS regarding the closure.

10. Major Events and Scheduled Maintenance

The Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is part of a large facility and is used regularly for events and large bookings throughout the year. During these periods there may be disruptions to the availability within the centre, SOPAC Aquatic Programs will endeavour to accommodate all users of the facility during these periods; however in some circumstances change to regular structure, location, or cancellation may be necessary. SOPAC Aquatic Programs will make every effort to keep members informed of any potential disruptions or cancellations via email, SMS and centre signage. In the event of lesson cancellation, a credit will be placed on all students files.

11. Entry Passes

All SOPAC Aquatic Programs members are issued with entry passes upon entering the centre for their first lesson. A maximum of two responsible person entry passes are issued per family, any additional entrants will be required to pay the SOPAC entry fee upon arrival. All entry cards are the responsibility of SOPAC Aquatic Programs members and are required to be presented to the Service Desk upon entry for lessons. Lost, stolen or damaged cards are the responsibility of the cardholder and a $5.00 fee will be charged per replacement card. Misuse of entry passes by members and an ongoing failure to produce entry passes may result in the termination of lessons.

12. Code of Conduct

A high standard of behaviour is expected from Members’ at all times. Members are required to support and encourage the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Code of Behaviour. All Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Staff reserve the right to refuse admittance to the centre or swimming lesson if the member or participant does not comply with this policy.

All students and parents are required to follow the Code of Behaviour at all times. Failure to follow the Code of Behaviour may result in removal from swimming programs or the Aquatic Centre. 

13. Injury Liability

There is always a risk of injury when using the Centre’s equipment, facilities and services. Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre does not accept any responsibility for any such injury and members must accept that risk. Members must disclose to the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre any circumstances which may affect the safety or increase the risk or injury.

14. Medical Treatment

All members enrolled in the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Aquatic Programs consent to receive any medical treatment that the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre staff consider necessary or desirable throughout their participation in swimming lessons.

15. Insurance

Insurance is in place that may provide limited cover to members participating in the SOPAC Aquatic Programs whilst participating in lessons. This insurance may not cover all injuries, loss or damage sustained whilst undertaking lessons within the Aquatic Centre and in signing the SOPAC Aquatic Programs Terms and Conditions acknowledges that SOPAC Aquatic Programs does not make any representations about the suitability of any insurance. Members understand that it is in there own interest and at their own expense, to seek and obtain personal insurances over and above any cover that may be provided by SOPAC Aquatic Programs.

16. Parental Supervision

All members under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16 years and Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, including SOPAC Aquatic Programs members. SOPAC Aquatic Programs students under the age of 2 ½ years will not be accepted by their instructor into lessons without their parent or guardian present. SOPAC Aquatic Programs students over the age of 2 ½ years and under 18 years must be dropped off to an SOPAC instructor and collected from a SOPAC instructor by a parent or guardian at the start and conclusion of every lesson. Parents and guardians must remain easily contactable to the SOPAC instructor throughout the lesson to assist with any issues which may arise in the duration of the lesson. Failure to adhere to SOPAC supervision policies may result in the termination of lessons.

SOPAC actively promotes the Keep Watch @ Public Pools initiative designed by the Royal Life Saving Society Australia. Further information on Keep Watch @ Public Pools can be found through Royal Life Saving Society Australia. 

17. In The Event of an Emergency

If the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre was subject to an emergency evacuation, please do not panic but take directions offered by the designated Fire Warden. It is important when moving around the Aquatic Centre during an emergency that you do not run. Please listen and follow the instructions that are given by the trained staff. Your child will remain in the care of the Swimming Instructor whilst moving to the assembly area, we ask that you meet their class at the assembly area and please do not take your child without the permission of the Warden, as they may result in putting a staff member or emergency services in danger while they look for your child.

18. Sickness and Communicable Diseases

Please respect our precautionary health rules and refrain from lessons if your child is suffering from any of the following: ANY contagious disease e.g. conjunctivitis, rubella, flu, gastro, fever, common cold, runny infected noses, sore throats, cold sores, ringworm, head lice and urinary tract infection. Or any illness however there is any risk, however small, to other users.

SOPAC promotes the Healthy Swimming Guidelines recommended by the NSW Department of Health.

19. Clothing

All SOPAC Aquatic Programs members are required to adhere to the SOPAC policy for appropriate swim to be worn in the water at all times.

Swimming caps are compulsory for all members of the non competitive and competitive squad programs. 

SOPAC Aquatic Programs encourages all parents or guardians participating in our infant learn to swim program to wear a rash shirt to aid in the learning development of their child.

20. Parking

Whenever possible SOPAC Aquatic Programs members are advised to park in the P2 car park, located adjacent to the Aquatic Centre. Parking is validated for 4 hours at the Service Desk. SOPAC Aquatic Programs does not control P2 car park and wherever possible endeavour to ensure parking for our members. Major events, or busy periods may result in members being redirected to nearby parking. Members may be notified via email or SMS during periods of peak usage; however SOPAC advises all members to check the Aquatic Centre website for internal events or the Sydney Olympic Park Authority for park events.

21. Recording Devices

It is a condition of entry to the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre that a person will not operate any visual recording equipment in the facility except in accordance with a Visual Recording Agreement made with the Aquatic Centre. Any person breaching this condition must immediately leave if directed to do so by a member of the staff. Please enquire at the reception desk if you wish to operate visual recording equipment within the centre. We ask that you respect the wishes of other patrons who may not wish to have themselves or their children filmed whilst using the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.